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    I feel like I've seen this before.


    I've never been to the park, but it looks pretty good. It's very green.

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    Liam made a concept creation of this
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    Yeah I posted this on TP yesterday. And Liampie indeed made a version in 2011. Which looks awesome BTW


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    Haha, yeah - I know. It's interesting to see the different takes on the ride.

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    Great structure shape. The foliage in the back needs help tho, it's a bit bare.

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    I like it, i like the green.

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    Like this a lot. Good colours.

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    Thanks a lot, it's good to hear you like it.

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    I said it on discord and I will say it again here, I think that's one of your best work! Good job MK, hope to see a coaster next to it. :p

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    Thanks! Maybe when I finish the remake of the park I will go on making some new future rides or a concept or something. Then there's place for a coaster next to or through it. But I'll make that decision later.

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