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    That blue platform really hurts my eyes, aside from that this is super pleasant Pac-esque realism. Not original, but skillfully put together. Looking forward.

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    Looking forward to seeing this
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    Definitely liking this a lot MK, I agree about the platform though. Seems like the trackitecture rings are unnecessary and you would just be fine with objects making a flat platform.

    Hoping we see more of this soon!
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    I'm not drawn to the architecture so much but I really like the twisty coaster layout and the foliage is well done.

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    Realism design from you? Looking forward to this!

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    Very pretty, reminds me of the woodie in SFWoD. Agree on the swinger platform but the rest is great.
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    I love this. Has that SFWoD vibe.

    I think the swinger looks like the roof has collapsed and landed on the platform, kinda thing the trackitecture should be the other way around, as the roof and not the platform.
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    One other thing that bothers me looking at this again is the sign on the building.  Sure it may sell Food and Drinks but a park like this would probably give the shop a unique title to give it some identity.  Even if its something cheesy like Friar's Fries or Mark's Market etc..

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