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    Wow, I think this is the first time I actually don't really despise those cjk roofs. I still don't really like them tho, but in this screen they don't stand out that much.

    Really like the color scheme you used and the attention to detail is great.

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    I don't know what it is about the red, green, and brown building that I really like.  Might be the combination of great colors, details, scale, and compostition.  


    That green glass structure looks impressive as well, insta-fanned after this screen.

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    Six Frags still going on about the cjk roofs lmao. All is well in the world :)
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    This is great, just the right amount of detail, colors and textures. Agree on the roof object to, rare to see it look good.

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    the glass roof over the midway really looks great.
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    Our first SF cjk roof complaint of NE5... Woo!

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    He wasn't even complaining about them :p there has so far been no complaint about cjk rooves :p

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    i dont like the cjk rooves 

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    I feel like Jonny in some sense has this sterility when it comes to architecture, about how he details and also his texture choice. However, the building with the cjk roof as well as the accompanying spire seem to get away from this sterility, and the atmophere improves greatly.
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    I really like the idea here, but it seems like rather than a glass roof with a purpose, here it was just randomly added unto some buildings that didn't need it. It looks beautiful, but it also seems odd at the same time....

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    cjk roofs kick ass.. its the pirate ones that are so ugly.

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    I'm with Fk. Idea is great, but here it doesn't have much purpose, I feel if it was extended or placed along a large section of a Main Street it would work, like at Tokyo Disneyland, or like the canvas awning at Warner Bros in australia

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