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    That's some unhealthy looking water. Better get the EPA in on this one.

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    That's some unhealthy looking water. Better get the EPA in on this one.


    ... yeah, so about that

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    There's a lot unhealthy with this screen, namely those hypercoaster colors

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    Congratulations on receiving the award of the most beautiful park in the country. :)

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    That's some unhealthy looking water. Better get the EPA in on this one.


    Umm its how the scenario was made! Is there a problem?

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    Umm its how the scenario was made! Is there a problem?





    What makes this a swamp in your eyes? I see a lot of trees and some sickly green looking water, but a swamp that does not make.

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    All of your screen shots are overloaded with sickeningly bright coasters. It is great that you know how some compare to real coasters, but you aren't giving them enough room to breathe, and not putting any real effort to scenery. 


    It seems like you are posting just to show off what you made, without actually taking criticisms and listening to them. If you just want to show off your builds, go to We like to see well crafted/thought out things and anyone can build a vaguely similar coaster to the Hulk in a scenario. It just isn't interesting unless you put effort into making it interesting. Putting a manufacturer, year and random US town in the description doesn't make it interesting. 


    To improve I'd say start with looking at the real coasters you are using for inspiration. Try to make your coasters like that. Including scenery, paths, supports, ect. And don't overload your park with coasters.

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    Well Mr.Brightside711 im just an old school rct player while i had a bad time building my parks! So hate me if you want!

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    He's not saying he hates you, just that these sort of screenshots are more suited to Reddit, a more casual style of play, than here, where users want to create high quality pieces of work. Your screenshots don't really show a lot of skill when compared to other members around here.

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    It's not that anyone hates you, but some people get a little frustrated when the main page is filled up with this kind of work instead of what they're used to seeing here. There's a tradition at NE of trying to go beyond this type of just-for-fun scenario playing. Indeed the site was created for the specific purpose of producing and showing highly ambitious work in RCT.


    If you actually are trying to develop your building style and looking for feedback to help you on the way, you need to take in the suggestions people give you, instead of posting the kind of melodramatic, oversensitive reply you have in this thread here. I'm sorry you've been having a bad time, but honestly I don't see how that's got anything at all to do with what you build and why you post it at this site. And simply repeating that statement each time someone criticizes your screens isn't going to help you develop your playing.

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    I agree with mint. 100%.

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    I don't mind the crazy overly colourful style. It adds variety to the site, and a break from what we usually see around here. I do wish some more work was put in though, maybe. And not spam the frontpage. It's cases like this where I miss the old threads people kept for their projects. It was little bit more spam friendly. :p

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