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    The camper is fantastic.

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    If you're using the fence as a park border, get rid of it.

    If it's for the town, then keep it.


    Otherwise, what you have here is pretty well done.

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    The green borders are odd, I'd remove those completely.  Rest is sold.

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    Yeah not sure why the path has borders, but good job here, the map is looking good.

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    I'd look into using a bit bigger scale in the future.
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    I think it looks kinda odd without those fences, thats why I added them. Same as the green path borders.
    And thanks for the compliments.
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    Great stuff.

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    Oddly the one issue i have here is the water. 
    I've been to Petra and have a design based on it in the wings. 

    but there was no water there.


    However the Mesopotamians (I love that word) were master water engineers and Petra is littered with remnants of that. This is a tiny OCD thing but i feel if the water bit had a aquaduct or something leading to it it would make more sense to me. 

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    Thanks for the history lesson!

    Good call, an aquaduct would fit perfectly in there. I'm thinking of the Ikariam-aquaduct right now. 

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    I have a lot of pictures of your source material if you would like it.


    I'm honestly not trying to be a backseat driver :) but the resource is there if you would like it.

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    Theres never too much source material! I'd like to see them. You can post them here or I can DM you my email-adress. Don't know what's the easiest way for you to send them.
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    Send me your e-mail and I'll get on it

    Can upload them to VHcoasters easily enough for you to view.

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    This is really cool and it would be great to see you use this theme for a themed area of a larger park! Would make for a nice change from the standard, cliché themes (medieval, asian, etc.). 

  • Description

    So, I made this screenshot on TP server 2. If you haven't seen it, it's a nice collab map with an old Arabic theme. I strongly advise you to take a look in there, I really like it.

    I focused a lot on the style RWE started building. You can check his screenshot in the link under this message. For the pink buildings I tried to rebuilt the style of a building across from this area, in my own way of course.

    Foliage turned out well for me. It could be changed by other builders to make it more look like a desert.

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