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    Some people in the Discord said they didn't like the helixes. I actually like those, I've got more of aproblem with that bridge. Seems a bit like a boring long stretch of track. Scenery is nice, but maybe you can add some more features to it? Rest is all very good stuff.

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    I really like that double helix element, looks nice on iso. Not sure the coaster can really stand on its own though, more theming and interaction is where mine coasters thrive.

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    I agree that the helices look just fine.
    Bridge looks a little flimsy.
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    absolutely gorgeous

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    The long stretch of track isn't unbelievable though, a lot of mine coasters have strange layouts. Though if you added a trick-track section to that it may be more fun.



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    bridge could be black or dark brown maybe? even grey

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    needs better supports though, feels very very flimsy... the rest looks nice although I'd like to see a bit more theming round the helixes

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    The helices would make more sense if they were interacting with something. For a heavily-themed mine train like this, you want the track to really feel as if it's laid on the rocks themselves, or on various bridges like you've shown; otherwise, it just looks like a typical coaster. Maybe if you had them spiraling around some larger rock formations or themed elements they would fit much better. 


    BG is also right in that the standard supports look flimsy, and maybe having some wooden ledgers holding it up would add to the theme and make it feel more substantial. I do really like the rockwork as well, though I would suggest maybe adding some stripes of colour for visual interest.

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    I agree with what's been said, beef up the supports a bit and add some more scenery around the helixes.


    That's kind of why I initially suggested to use a different element there, just a bit odd to have the helixes out in the open so far above the ground like that.

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