Screenshot / JWAK - The Western Frontier.


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    Why isn't the Buffalo meadow blue-white? Zero percent, start over again!

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    Glad you added that 2x2 building, really helps

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    Not bad! However, it does look like all the other log flumes you ever did. 

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    I love this, the log flume is very original while remaining simple and consistent with the rest of the area. The only thing I don't really like is the wooden NCSO fences you used on the station and for the paths. 

    Oh and those bulls. ♥︎ 80% for me

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    Why isn't the Buffalo meadow blue-white? Zero percent, start over again!


    Funny. Veeeery funny. :p 

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    Guess the only thing I'd say is that the roof over the lift is a bit weird at the bottom. Feels like the slop should only go down half way and then flatten out for the last quarter tile, rather than slope down for the entire tile.

    Oh, and I guess the fact it's a bit close to the map edge. Maybe 3-4 more tiles and it would be fine, I think it's just a tad too close at the moment.
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    This is pretty neat; I definitely get the Zoo vibe.  Still feels a little empty, somehow.

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    I think you should try playing around with the color of the wooden roofs on the station. Maybe a dull red? Also the brown path would look a lot better without the crazy paving tiles I think. Other than that I really like this.
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    By far your best work. Great stuff with the lift facades there.

    Only criticism is maybe the exhibit could use some love. Also, maybe a different fence? Seems almost unsafe to have a several hundred pound buffalo behind nothing but two slats of wood. Maybe even try sinking it one unit? Not sure.

    Keep it up!
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    Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo 

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    - Rapids layout

    - Small path side buildings that add a wonderful atmosphere

    - Seating area overlooking the lake


    To consider:

    - Fence cohesion

    - Raft station could use some fence or structure to it

    - Agree with Steve about the exhibit itself

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    Buffalo buffalo AA Gent buffalo buffalo AA Gent buffalo buffalo AA Gent buffalo buffalo AA gent




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    Thanks all for the replies and suggestions. Gonna take them into consideration! :)


    I've been saying that this park will be probably finished in the summer, but if I'm able to maintain the current momentum, it actually might be finished in about a month.

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    Best screen yet from this project! Let's hope you can keep your momentum so we get to check this out in game soon!

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