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    This is pretty much my most anticipated project on the site and every screen is just amazing.

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    This theme and building style is an amazing double-threat throwback. Great work!

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    The basis of this is wonderful. Really like how everything is planned an composed.

    Perhaps the only thing I'm not a fan of is the textures for the castle track space, it's just a bit dull and flat. Maybe something with a bit more texture would fit better. Not sure if the metal roofing fits here either, but I guess that's a minor issue at the most.
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    I love it. The only thing I don't like is what G Force pointed out, if you change it, it will add a lot more to the area. The pirate boat and those paths work really well here. Most anticipated project for me too!

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    Should the red parts be green? Since most games have the tower tops as bowser shells

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    this is fire dawg

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    Thanks! So I had the steel grating down for some of the track before but I didn't like it, it felt out of place (as was also pointed out by one of my park advisers). However, after I posted this screenshot I changed some of the slopes to a roof object, so that adds a bit more texture. The issue with this track is I need to use the brick objects for construction of the walls so by default the track texture is the top of the brick. I'll do a bit more tweaking to the track before it's released, try to kick it up a notch.


    I tried green tower tops but it didn't look good. If I could make them look like Bowser shells that would be a different story, but it doesn't seem possible. So some adjustments from the actual game tracks have been made to translate better into the rct look. However I might play around with it a bit still and see what happens, I do have an idea I haven't tried yet.

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    Alright, screen looks great as always, and definitely seems like a good blend between 64 and DS's styles


    Side note, the description says "Jr. Bowser's Airship"... is this a typo of Baby Bowser (younger Bowser from YI), or Bowser Junior (Staple character since Sunshine)?


    Also, the top left corner... prepare for falling!

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    Bowser Shell Addition... thoughts?

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    I like the shell alot. Seems like a fun addition to the course and a way of adding some color.

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    This is pretty much my most anticipated project on the site and every screen is just amazing.

     Well you'll be happy to know that almost all the screens I've posted have all been improved since their original posting. :)

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    Totally awesome, especially since you added that Bowser shell! Only complaint is the texture of the track itself, like G Force pointed out. 

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    I agree with everyone on the track texture. Please change it! The rest is really nice. The shell tower is a cool touch. I love the setting and execution of the pirate ship as well. Not sure if the flowers above the path fit the theme/area though.

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    By popular demand I've changed the track texture. I am very limited as to what I can do with the track since it's the top of the bricks I'm using, so I can't really use a different object. So this is with the "roof texture" object sitting on top of the brick surface. What do you guys think? Any suggestions on what else I could try?

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    That looks better to me for sure. Honestly any in game texture outside if what you had would have sufficed for me.
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    Your last sentence doesn't make sense to me G Force, I tried reading it like 10 times... :p

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    Sorry, fixed.
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    It'd be nice to see a brick like texture, similar to the paths. It would look like the SNES and 64 retros in Wii

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