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    :o. This looks really really great.

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    insane stuff!

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    I don't know a damn thing about Mario.... I do know this looks awesome! :) Good job on finishing this! I'll probably won't understand any of the references in this park though, so I've no idea how fair a review by me would be, but I'll try to focus on the technical sides then. ;) Looking forward to it!

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    This park looks amazing o-o

    Good job to you, the concept is really original, I wish I was as creative as you! Could you maybe send me a link to the Super Mario CSO you're using, I'd like to use it in one of my parks :)

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    The rainbow road looks sick. I hope this has more Mario Kart 64 maps, I find those to be the most memorable & iconic. 

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    @roybiv, I think the Double Dash ones are more memorable & iconic.

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    Awesome i hope this will be a Gold or Spotlight!

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    As much as I hate this game (i suck at racing games), you made me hate it less.

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    Awesome! Can't wait for it!

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    Most Anticipated Park

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    Very Cool... I would only suggest making the Mario Logo much smaller off screen... show the park. 

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    i love how much I can recognize from just the overview

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    Looks bigger than I expected it to be. Excited to see this in game!

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    cannot wait!

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    Mario Kart Wii Mario image, with 7/8 text, followed by a  thing only in DD (All Cup Tour). Definitely consistent with which game this project is based on. Which is to say there is no one game.

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