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    This is so unique! I love it!

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    You've made it incredibly obvious why diagonal lift hills can look really bad. And I find the supports going into the little concrete pond a little weird. That's where the critique on this ends though. While a micro lover, you've inserted some very good macro skills, such as the path making way for the lift hill supports which is lovely, the helix interaction, the fountain in the bottom of the screen. All very good touches. It's also generally impressive how you've made a lot of diagonal path look quite natural. The architecture is fine. Not amazing, not bad. I would try to exchange some of the strict correctness you're going for for some more passion and intuition. You have a good screen, but your work needs more character, more language that represents you as a builder.

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    Like posix, I think the composition is great here. There is thing that disappoints me though... The colours pop amazingly in this screen (reminds me of zodiac) EXCEPT for the teal building. Why would you make a building that's sitting on the water the exact same colour as the water? The magenta in the thumbnail screen got me all excited... Now yellow would be a great colour here.


    PS great idea to put swans and killer whales together in the same pond.

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    Why would you make a building that's sitting on the water the exact same colour as the water?

    Why not? I find it rather refreshing. and to be honest, It's really not that bad.

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    I actually kind of like the diagonal lifthill. I especially like how it goes in between the two buildings and then parallel to the park edge. Doesn't feel forced either. Looks really nice imo. I also like the idea of the pond, the only thing that is a little bit shitty is the glitching path at the bottom.

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    This looks incredibly good. Where did you get the ice cream cone sign? I want it.
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    I love this, great Work!

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    Stunning work, mate! I am in love!
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    I made the teal building first so i could change the colour to something else. I fixed that path at the bottom, i just wanted to show the whole shape of the area.


    The ice cream sign is named "Shop Sign"

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    Cool !!! But I'd like to to it rotated 45 degrees clockwise also please.

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