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    another underrated map. Instantly recognizable as Nepal and super unique. Glad to revisit this

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    This was such a strange (but cool) map! I will never forget the deli meat landscaping.

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    When I came back this was one of the GT parks that blew my mind. The landscaping, clouds, everything was just on point. Great job.

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    I really loved all of the curvy landscaping in this park. Nice throwback Roy.
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    I should apologize to you about this map tbh

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    Love this, very tasteful! Large “empty” spaces like this rarely work well in RCT, but this is definitely an exception, it really draws you in to the screen
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    I should apologize to you about this map tbh

    lol all good
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    Nepal grand tour. The moon wasn't very on theme but it looked cool so i kept it lol. Wanted spring melting snowcap vibe. Also was really inspired by the funeral pyres. Also terraced rice patties. Dont think i have a screen of this on my profile.

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