Screenshot / GCI Turnaround and Lakefront Area


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    Wow im thinking a little bit of holiday world but nice!

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    I really like your land textures here. I like the idea behind the bins but they seem a little bit out of scale right now.

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    I actually quite like the foliage here compared to the last screen you showed.


    Not really much else I can say, but everything in the screen looks good to me.  Perhaps just watch the 1k ruin colors a bit, you probably want to have as little black as possible to keep it from being a distraction.  I think in this angle you have a very good balance, try to keep it like this if you can.

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    I like it a lot. Very nice supports. 

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    Amazing! Love the colors of the wooden roller coaster, it goes very well with the foliage. The supports are also very nice. 

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    Very nice! Very pleasant textures in this screen. Good job!

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