Screenshot / Under the river and through the cliff


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    comment below
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    Phenomenal landscaping! Very excited to see this.
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    Incan Action Park lets go

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    ^ what Xtreme said

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    That big sweeping curve underneath the pathing with those new track pieces just looks so good. Excited to see this one when it eventually makes an appearance.

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    Very nice. So good to see Terry work.

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    cool landscaping as always!

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    I appreciate your style, Terry. It always strikes an outstanding balance between forms, detail, ride design, and landscaping without focusing too much on any of those categories and sacrificing focus on another. I am very excited to see this released.

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    Such a fan of your work and your journey within the game. You improve with every release and you have the best attitude. Really hope you get PM with this.

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    Looks epic.

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    Ohh I just know I’m going to love this park, the landscaping and amount of detail you put into it, wow
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    Too damn good.

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    The interaction here is god tier.

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    why this terrible old logflume ctr :D small joke the drop is nice placed into the great landscape

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    feels really gritty, great job on the landscaping. i like how the foliage is clumped, but i feel a couple of vines or tiny bushes/grass here and there up the dark brown walls might break up the brown a little

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    I was gonna suggest the same as Turtle. I think a bit more foliage to break up the brown from the rockwork would work wonders here. It would also work in making the foliage feel a bit more natural. Right now the foliage is kind of restrained to these different platforms which almost makes it look like it is artificial. Looks great otherwise though. Looking forward to seeing this released!
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    These new landscaping methods are nuts. Is that waterfall just dumping on to the path below? lol

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