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    The Spidewick Chronicles 4-D experience is a popular ride among the younger guest. Next to it is the Headless Horsemen wooden coaster built by RCCA.


    (Those flowers are temporary, I don't know what to use as fill in space for that little area atm)


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    An overview of the park. 

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    Looks amazing. Colours in the first screen are fantastic. I also like how peeps are able to get a perfect view of that coaster in the second screen. Not sure about the dirt texture and that dark tree though. Good work.

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    Wow, you've really been building.  This park looks absolutely massive, I'm very impressed and looking forward to seeing the finished product.

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    I wasn't a fan of that screen you showed with the paramount custom panel.

    But I have to admit that I love the textures and the colors here. Particularly the station and the queue of Hex. I agree, this project looks massive, can't wait to see more. 

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    Love that woodies interaction

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