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    comment below
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    You have two different food stalls labled as "4"

    (River Hotdogs and Picnic Platz)

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    yeah, there's also the mistake of the maze still being mentioned when it should be "trampoline" instead of "das verrückte labyrinth".


    Well, this map was a bit rushed haha. But the next one will be better. :)

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    Didn't notice that one.

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    You know what I think of this and I'm going to repeat myself but this is perfect. Even your editing skills, this map feels so real. I love the description and all the devotion you're puting into this. Thank you for everything and for making me want to visit this in real life so badly.
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    omg riverland its completed

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    omg riverland its completed


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    I kind of feel like this type of heavy theming (a complete landscape alteration!) is a little bit too early and too expensive for a realistic park setting like this. It does look good, however.

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    There are "small" theme parks like Energylandia who decided to open 17 new rides for 2017 which includes 3 new coasters and it is having a huge Intamin roller coaster for 2018. For me this log flume looks totally credible haha. 

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    Thanks for the comments guys!


    Please keep reading my screenshot descriptions to be aware of what's going on in the park's story. That will explain a thing or two every now and then. :)

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    Fantastic park.

  • Description

    Dear international visitors of Riverland:

    1.5 years after Riverland was sold to its current and future owners, we present to you the first step on a long path of change for Riverland! With our first big addition we want to announce the great future we envision for the park!

    We are changing the park's policy. We will gradually revamp our beloved >>family amusement park<< and try to eventually turn it into Germany's most loved >>theme park<<.
    To achieve this goal we will continue to make big investments into the park!

    Welcome to Riverland's brand new area "Witchwoods" including 3 all new attractions:

    - Turm Der Magie (a slide tower)

    - Walpurgishütte (a haunted house)

    Riverland's New Highlight:

    - Verwunschen (the park's first log flume water ride)

    We also introduce Riverland's new picnic area in a natural and charming setting.

    We hope you come over again to see for yourself!.

    - Riverland Team

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