Screenshot / Riverland Mainstreet 1999


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    comment below
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    No more Nautic Jets :

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    The beautiful twin towers.

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    Rest in peace Nautic Jets, you will forever be remembered ;(

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    Love the atmosphere and the fact it's detailed but not overly busy. The open areas give it just the breathing room it needs.

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    i looove that stone restaurant building. very atmospheric all round.


    I do miss my little ice cream stand though :p

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    Don't think this is the best angle, but it's good regardless. The area around the bumper cars and Pompeii feels very much like a real park.
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    Looking through the this the other day, I was a big fan of the condensed feel of the street, with it's smaller footprint, smaller facades and overhanging banners. The scenic park area next to it is a nice compliment too.

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    I love your style. So much beauty in one screen. Keep it up, Fisch!

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    I like this very much, feels like an real place (is it based of Hansa Park perhaps? It reminds me of it). The carroussel looks oddly placed but that maybe the angle of the screenshot.
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    This is the one project I have been dying to see more of. I am in absolute love with this project, and I am always waiting to gorge myself on this hyper-detailed, yet so clean screen you always release here and again.


    This isn't sold short either. This screen is so pleasing to my eyes. I can only agree with Lagom here. Please keep it up!

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    Looks like a typical German theme park main street.

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    Thanks for the comments guys!
    Interesting you guys miss the nautic jets so much! I thought the car ride was far cooler. :p

    I'm glad the mainstreet feels typically German to some of you. Not necessarily in architectural style but just in terms of composition.

    Next update might come within the next 2 weeks.

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