Screenshot / El Dorado 1993


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    Absolutely fucking stunning. Inspirational.

    Those suspended supports over the fall are beautifully done. 

    Not sure about those black textures on the path though.

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    That custom attraction on the bottom ruins the epic screen.

  • Eagleray3%s's Photo

    Everything about this screen is phenomenal. The colours are gorgeous, the area as a concept is amazing and so is its execution, and I love the suspended coaster, especially the large sweeping drop after the lift and under the path.

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    You've managed to pack a good number of rides in a small space but still make it have breathing room. Refreshing
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    Nice, somewhat reminiscent of Liampie due to the love for a suspended and the colourfulness. Perhaps a little over-ambitious with the theming, but nicely done no less. Would benefit from some relaxation. It looks stressed to me.

  • Mr.Brightside711%s's Photo

    Love it. Only wish the suspended coaster has 5 or 6 cars.

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    uhhhhh do we have a new number one screenshot?

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    uhhhhh do we have a new number one screenshot?

    It would be if the zoom wasn't so weird.
  • BlazingEmpireHD%s's Photo

    Absolutely brilliant. I am completely stunned with how this is turning out. I thought your last screen was epic....then this turned up.


    Good holy christ.

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    That red coaster looks like an Arrow like Canyon Blaster from Adventuredome but also I seen Efteling's Python which is an Vekoma but also built by Arrow too so i guess you're right!

  • Stoksy%s's Photo

    Still maintain this is my favourite area of the park. Phenomenal work, it perfectly encapsulates just how I imagined this would look if transferred from the movie into RCT [whether intentional or not]

  • Royr%s's Photo

    A kracherl! :-P

    Insane stuff!

  • Pacificoaster%s's Photo

    this is awesome. great work!

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    Thanks I appreciate all the comments! :)

    Glad the area is so well received. It's a concept for an area that I wanted to do for a long time and I'm glad I finally managed to.



    Regarding a couple of the points that were brought up:


    AC: The black parts on the path are mostly to make the sections with diagonal stairs smoother. It's clearer in what pattern they're placed from another angle.


    pierrot: That attraction is part of the old park where I put less effort into the themeing. Lets see how long it'll stay. ;)

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    Overall I really like this, but I feel like there is a little bit too much red in this screen, the pathing is very red, and the red coaster and reddish buildings make it a bit overwhelming in my opinion. Other than that it looks really great.

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    The way you're carving out these areas is ridiculously good. 99% of the people on here would fuck it up completely. Both the arrow looper and suspended are so well integrated that honestly beats out eyethamu's spotlight park (which had some of the best ride integration ever). The foliage works really well here and the way the landscape buffers areas makes it to where there's never a bad area transition


    I'd nut to see a nin/fisch park where nin plans out everything and fisch does most of the architecture.

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    100%, perfect

  • turbin3%s's Photo

    Great interaction :)

  • Fisch%s's Photo

    Thanks for the further comments and the great reception of the screen!



    There indeed is a lot of red in the image, but I'd say it's quite consistent over all. For these two areas in particular I wanted warmer colors. Maybe with the next additions to the park the overall redness can be reduced. :p



    Thanks for the compliment man, I loved that park back in the day! What I myself wish I'd planned more for future park additions though is multiple thrill rides intertwining. Like a bigger and a smaller coaster together. Interaction really makes everything much greater, so I'm almost sad I haven't been able to fit more coaster interaction in yet.

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