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    Another nice screen, albeit, a bit underfinished. Like your other screen, this could do with some pops of flashy colour and better foliage.

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    Some underbrush in the wooded area at the top of the screen would do wonders for this! The large empty space doesn't look great, but considering the way you've placed path there it seems you have some sort of concept behind it, and it might make sense in the bigger picture... 

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    whats with the strange path choices? not fully filled and all

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    Thank you for the comments so far! All your feedback has been very encouraging : ) I know some people have been confused about the clearing area at the bottom of the screen, so I thought I'd include a wider shot to show it in context;


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    A second picture of my rainy day project turning the Crumbly Woods scenario into a small, simple amusement park. Here you can see the second miniature railway station, a snack hut, and a few of the tumuli that give the park its name.

    Apologies for uploading two screenshots so quickly back to back. I know it's not normally the done thing on here!

    More may follow, depends on the responses. Some nice ones so far, which is encouraging : )

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