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    Not bad, the building is a bit bland though, maybe try putting AC on the roof to spice it up.

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    Looks like you're conserving objects... ugh!


    Building isn't overly exciting, but the foliage is pretty good. Needs fences, more details on the roof. The high point for me is the coaster in the bottom left corner, the layering of the track looks cool.

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    pretty cool... I would also suggest a parapet wall.. or a short wall around your bldg exterior roof edge because no flat roof simply ends at the wall edge :D


    Parapet walls also hide the good suggestion above of adding AC vents or whatever else is on the roof from the ground.

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    I love this. It would be great to use SpreePark in a title sequence once it's finished, the trains at the entrance I think are really neat.

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    Add some theming to the coaster inside the building. Do like two scenes maybe. Also spice the exterior up a little bit. 

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    Feels a real step backwards - especially in comparison with some of the other screens (and possible screens) from this park.


    Basically all you've done is plonked a huge grey and black blob in the middle of a forest with an uninteresting toilet building and off-set it with...more black. Seriously? Pretty sure the rest of the park is a hell of a lot more interesting than this, poor area to take a screen of imo.


    More height differentiation, brighter colours, roof details, and a more interesting path system (you'd really have this massive indoor ride off a 2-wide path with no lead-up or plaza or surrounding archy or anything other than trees?)

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    I think this looks a bit dull. But I also know you're dealing with the object limit. That doubled layered coaster track and the go kart track are stellar though!

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