Screenshot / #fbf: Cinescape East (2002)


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    From this screen alone, I can't see why this was a Spotlight. It certainly looks at least Silver worthy now, but to say it is still a Spotlight based by this one screen....I am not seeing it.


    Oh well, lovely screen anyways.

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    Reminder that LL came out late 2000.

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    Hasn't aged that well, no. I mean, I do dig this style and whenever I (rarely) find the time to actually play the game these days I tend to build things like this. But even by 2002 LL had come quite a long way from this. The beige tiled path is definitely overused. The coaster layout, though, is really quite good, and I like the station and queue. 

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    It's a shame we don't have the comments for this park anymore, it would've been interesting to see how this park was received in 2002. It's definitely one of the weakest spotlights.

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