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    The coaster itself looks like fun. Perhaps you could add diagonal wooden post fences to support the coaster even better. 

    The archy feels a little basic, to be honest. Your paths could use some benches, lanterns, litter bins etc. There's also very little foliage in this screen; I feel like this area could use a little more foliage. Keep it up.

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    That's probably the best NCSO RMC I've ever seen! My only sugestion is to color the center of the track the same as the supports.

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    The best structure in the image is the wall; mainly because it's clean. The rest of your buildings are a little heavy in how many walls are layered on each other.

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    Thanks for the shoutout! ^^


    However, I do have to agree with CC9. The castle wall is the best bit of this. The other buildings feel mundane and rather 2D. They're also lively, but that isn't necessarily good as the way you detailed these buildings feels quite messy.


    What I suggest is that you take a peek at some other work on NE that is mostly CSO to see a better picture of what you could do. It's not bad work, no, it needs a little bit more context without being so messy and you'll be onto something.


    Good luck!

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    I think quality-wise, it's better than the voted score, but given that it seems unfinished that's understandable.  The RMC is rather convincing.  I think the structures other than the wall just weren't built with much vision - perhaps look at some source material and go from there.


    Also, be sure to turn on the landscape texture blending; first thing I noticed in the screen.

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    Thanks for the comments peeps! I'm lazy and exhausted right now so:

    @all suggestions: I'll take them on board, obviously it is unfinished of course but foliage and restructuring the archy are my priorities then.

    @compliments and general comments: thank you, I'll get on it once I deal with irl crap :)

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