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    Damn son, where'd you find this???

    Great stuff man. You've improved exponentially.

    Don't like the yellow-ish trees though. Kinda strange.
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    Why are the buildings so tall? Even the shortest one here is well over 60ft tall. 


    I've only been to Amsterdam once, but the one thing I took from it was that the buildings are all relatively short for how many floors they have. They were 'tall', but had like 6 floors in them as opposed to the 3 floors you've got now. 


    I think if you balance that out, you'll find that the 'oversized' feel that the screen currently has works itself out. 

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    Trav, I think you underestimate the architecture in Amsterdam. Floors are usually above average in height. I don't think the height of the buildings is a problem. There's room to go even taller.


    Some general tips:

    - sidewalks are way too wide

    - don't use three different path types

    - street lights on the side of the road, not on the side of the canal

    - poles every two metres between road and sidewalk

    - more brown and dark colours for the walls, no tan and maybe no white in this case either. Definitely no blue.

    - try to look at a facade as a grid. Windows and doors are in the columns of usually consistent width, and stay in their columns all the way to the top. They only diverge from these imaginary columns when the facade grows narrower at the top.

    - The red brick building at the corner is the best one, but it's missing a door

    - get more staircases leading up to doors. Single colour (all natural stone). Having more will result in a pattern. Don't forget to add fences

    - Ideally, the buildings have spaceous and green backyards.

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    Wow okay that's something I can work with. Especially the poles between road and sidewalk was the missing link to make the paths look less flat and underdetailled. Thanks guys!

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    Height isn't an issue. 7-8 unit scaling makes sense, although using more than 7 for the upper stories looks weird. The ground floor level needs to be more thought out on pretty much every building, and the street needs love and care. I agree with Liam.

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    I like this work quite a lot, MK! I would though, take up on what Liam said. I agree with it all.


    Great work! You're improving quite nicely. Keep it up! 

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    I agree with Liam, especially on the paths. The architecture is pretty good, but the overall picture does not look like Amsterdam.

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    Lovely work. I also agree on everything Liam said, especially the wide path.

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    It doesnt remind me of Amsterdam. I think its the height-width ratio. Arent buildings in Amsterdam way slimmer? Also change the width of the path indeed.
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    The scale is to big for me, the Amsterdam buildings are not as wide and high as this.

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