Screenshot / #fbf: Alice in Wonderland (2006)


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    I like this park so so much more than I did years ago. Maybe I just didn't really pay attention, but there are so many little spots and tiny buildings with a ton of character, as well as things like that set table at the bottom of the screen. Holy shit, that is awesome.


    Also love the heart shrubs lining the path up to the castle. That lone guard guarding the tower in the helix, the tackle on the almost Dutch-styled warehouse, the stuff to the right that smells like forced perspective archy, all the weird architectural elements like hats and kettles... This is awesome

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    This screen is creatively charming. It's encumbered in its own character. It feels just like what you'd think of when you hear 'Alice In Wonderland.' 


    Some of the ideas, as Liam mentioned make this screen only so much better. I'd really care to see some more of this type of creativity now. It's stellar, unique work!

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    Back when i first joined and was going through old parks i remember being dissappointed this didnt win. Shadowlands is incredible though, probably one of the greatest h2h of all time- this was an amazing matchup. The peeps falling in the tunnel is a great idea
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    I never knew this existed and now I love it. There are some real gems hidden on this site quite a lot of the newer players like me have never seen before. Thank you #flashbackfriday, who ever you are :p , for showing us!

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    I agree with Liam. I also feel this park got better throughout the years.

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    Compared to a lot of stuff from the same era in a similar style, this holds up really well today. Imaginative, artful and fun! 

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    agreed that this gets better as you look at it more/again years later.

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