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    Looks like the Phantom Manor needs a rebuild, there's no one in line :(


    Also, when will this be released? Very eager to see it done! 

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    you say its not black and white, but I only see binary themes here mate

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    Looks like the Phantom Manor needs a rebuild, there's no one in line :(


    Also, when will this be released? Very eager to see it done! 


    Given the quality of the Phantom Menace, I'd say the lack of line is quite accurate.

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    Csw, maybe it's just a shitty haunted house. A plausible theory if you know where the name is derived from. (edit: ^BINGO) I'll release his very soon now. I've been working on the aerial map today...


    Cocoa, the screenshots represent the extremes of four dimensions... And there are many more dimensions in the universe. The number of dimensions is as infinite as the universe itself. Moreover, a onedimensional object can exist in a multidimensional world. Black and white are singularities on a line of gray. And the other way around, a x-dimensional object may even cast a shadow on the (x-1)-dimensional world. Dimensions aren't mutually exclusive.


    (This comment's resemblance to the average Timothy Cross post is entirely coincidental)

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    liam you should stop editing pics brah
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    The highly edited pics are hard to vote on, but they're fun and interesting.

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    I feel like you're confusing mathematical/spatial and philosophical dimensions, but whatever you say :D

    If you're talking math, I thought the conventional wisdom is that there are probably around 11 dimensions (but I can't really claim to know or understand anything)


    but, good work on the rct

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    To be quite frank, I don't like any of it. Just doesn't look right, and I can't seem to get excited by the wanting-to-be-smart captions either.


    No offence Liam, just want to be honest.

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    ^ same to be fair, would be nice to actually see somthing instead of a black box. I really don't get the themes
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    The capitalist section looks very communist to me.

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    @Cocoa: I am mixing them up after the third sentence. I truly believe every particle at the lowest level is a dimension in itself, not of the time-space kind though.


    @Posix: This update is just an excuse to show off some little things. The park looks better as a whole in my opinion, I hope you agree. Check it out right now (IT'S BEEN RELEASED!)


    @Richie: You can click the screens for the full version in case you didn't notice. :) Alternatively, you can download the actual savegame!


    @Austin: Please explain! It's always a good time for debating ideologies.

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    I will do need to find my LL cd first though

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