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    everyone knows dinosaurs aren't real animals, they're actually a type of protozoan

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    Just like the horse is actually a type of chess piece? And according to traditional animal taxonomy, sheep belong to the realm of gravestones?

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    This is just cruel. Decapitating the horses... Sickens me!

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    I like it, it's original. But seriously, that is one hell of a banana.

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    Lacks substance. No organization whatsoever. Sheep and allosaurs roaming everywhere. Inaccessible bananas? A tiny bowl of food for that huge dog? Unbelievable. 


    But the cat is amazing. That has to be the best LL sculpture I've ever seen. So realistic. 

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    The dog is on a ridiculously different scale than everything else, the dinos are from a ridiculously different time-frame, and the cat isn't even from this game. It's fun though; I like seeing animals done in RCT, especially LL. 

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    but the real question is, how did you get that green box with text scenery into LL?


    and I'm pretty sure gravestones are in the genus of sheep

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    I like the horses and their water trough.

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