Screenshot / Working back on my french project !


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    Glad to see you working on this again! This looks superb. You've nailed the French baroque look here! Big kudos for the elaborate gardens! Looking forward to see more.

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    You found a way how to keep that building interesting to look at eventhough the facades are pretty repetitive. I love it. Wonder what it looks like in other angles. 

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    im not sure i like the wine bottle, it's a bit jarring.

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    wonderful julow! everything is so clean
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    I like the building and the gardens. With Poke on the wine bottle, interested in where this goes.

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    Would rather have a "classic" statue than the gaudy wine bottle. Otherwise it's pretty nice.

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    I like it. I'd like to see a stature as well, but perhaps some more colour to the overall screen. It'll help keep our eyes attracted to the screen a little bit longer - Good stuff!

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    This is so good, but needs more life. I'd love to see some tables and chairs on the right-hand patio, and just more peeps in general. The archy is superb!

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    Thanks for the feedback ! I really like the wine bottle though, I'm keeping it !


    Forgot to give some credit to Liam for the french flags + helping with the gardens and Jappy helping with paths. 

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    I know I said something already, but I wanted to pop in and say that I've been using this as inspiration for something I'm working on.

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    Maybe make the bottle all white, and maybe a bit smaller if you can. It will make the difference between it looking like a plastic prop or a marble sculpture.

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    Your work is incredible
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    ‘Sigh’ too bad he isn’t here… :(
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    This is sick. I like how you make this look so good while still keeping it somewhat "simple".


    EDIT: ah man this is 4 years old :(

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    EDIT- You really made me think Julow came back

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