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    Cool and quirky! I think the buildings could use a bit more detail and less flatness though. 

    I was looking through your profile this morning, and I would love to see you put some effort into finishing a design or park. You've got all these cool ideas and a unique way of building, and then we rarely see anything other than screens! Let's see a full Julow park!

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    I would try to use the tile inspector to clean up the frame. Cool idea for sure.
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    The paths are disgusting!

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    Interesting. this reminds me of my ditched concept; 'painted park (weird name though)' using a bold/uncommon color palette like what painter's do. simply imagine Gogh painting(=building) rct parks.

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    I agree with saxman1089, I also saw all 20 screens, they are amazing.
    Make a park, I'm anxious about it. :)
    hehe you like the romantic, i liked it.
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    [insert joke about one-angled paintings here]

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    Beautiful, as always. I wish everyone had a remotely similar soul-size in their screens.

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    neat idea

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