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    comment below
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    Oh my god, I'm in love.

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    wow you made that so quick!

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    Shit now we're talking.
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    i agree that it looks even better than the rmc track. this looks really convincing, its perfect

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    This is unreal.

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    wow you made that so quick!


    Track doesn't take a long time to model - I just drew the 2D outline and extruded it to form the tie. The rails are cylinders (the real rails are slotted, but I didn't do that). Plus, I have an SS set to take measurements from, which is something I can't do for a real ride.

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    Is this possible to use? I had a park I wanted to put one of these in
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    The gods are reunited.
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    Looks like KNEX!!!!

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    This makes me angry; I love it

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    Is this possible to use? I had a park I wanted to put one of these in

    It's the same as the RMC track in that it's a fork of the game (actually it's the same fork, just different sprites). I can upload the sprites if anyone wants to try it out, but I wouldn't recommend using this in a park you plan to upload.
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    I can see this used as many things.

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    I can almost guarantee there is some sort of roller coaster track that looks lik this; probably something out of China or Japan. I'd use it in a park :p
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    Thanks for bringing back an awesome thing from my childhood... This is freaking fantastic... Would work brilliantly in a room-themed park. I hope to see this and the other new tracks someday released.
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    I hope to see this and the other new tracks someday released.



    OK, here it is. To start off with, you'll need to clone and switch to the branch rmc_track. This is my fork with the custom track.


    Then download the zip file attached to this post, and extract sprites.json into your resources/g2 directory, and the track/knex directory into /resources/g2/track subdirectory. Then run "make g2" and the RMC track will become SS track (though it still appears under the name "Hybrid Coaster" in the menu). If it doesn't work make sure that you're on the branch rmc_track and not develop.



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    Does this replace another track type, or add to the existing set?
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    The RMC was added to the existing set. The instructions above will replace that RMC track with the SS track. None of the default track styles are removed.


    It is possible to add multiple custom tracks at once, but right now I'm only testing one track at a time to avoid duplicating code.

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    K'nex item pack incoming? Would go great with this! : D Awesome work as usual!

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    K'nex item pack incoming?


    I think SpaceK said he was working on something like that.

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