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    simple and effective!

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    That's actually really awesome

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    I like this a whole lot. I think that path actually works very well here.  The white railings might work better as black, the white blends in quite a bit.  Also I'd consider the regular trims around the paths.

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    I think there is a bit too much green (grass and foliage) considering it is Arizona, but great screen nonetheless. Be careful to not use this path type too much.
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    Amazing stuff, dude! Can’t wait to check out the park!
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    Pretty cool entrance! I particularly love the ticket booths. I do agree that you should be careful with that path and that the white railings probably would look better in black.

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    Colors are iffy, but the basics are definitely there. Good to see you progress so much on a solo project CHE.
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    Green planters are okay; green anywhere else is not. Arizona is very dry and sparse; so the only place they'd really be able to water would probably be within the planters and *maybe* a bit close to the paths.

    So far, looks exciting!

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    I like it but the backstage could use more touching up, a bit more depth. It looks a little flat right now

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    Absolutely love that tiled path texture. Foliage looks good too, architecture maybe slightly under-detailed? Or just old fashioned, depending on how one looks at it...

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    seems a bit too basic for a entrance

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    Thanks a lot for your responses and suggestions! I tried the black railings but they might stick out a little too much now. The foliage in the whole park is quite dense at the moment, I went for what looks better in-game rather than realism at first. But I think I found a way now to create aesthetic arid foliage. Oh and you will love the kiddy area which is completely covered in tiled path right now until I come up with another solution :p

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    The sign looks great my dude

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    It's very clean to the point where it's almost empty, but maybe that's your unique selling point. Cut the crap, basic shapes laid out in a pleasing way. Entrance sign looks great indeed and I'm digging the path choice.

    The archy could be better. Not necessarily the shapes that are too basic (as I said, it kinda fits), but the colours and textures that do not contribute to a cohesive whole. The main street can also use some life in the form of map racks/displays and signs.

    Looking forward to seeing the rest of the park!
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    Nice and quaint. I love it
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    I live in Arizona, and I could argue the screen isn't green enough.

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