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    Maybe a bit overload on those palm trees but still nice. Try varying up the foliage and landscaping a bit maybe
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    I highly suggest toning down on the number of palm trees used (of any kind) in the build, they're very high-maintenance trees in reality and a real park would have trouble keeping up with this many. (unless they're fake, in which case they still don't look great in high numbers).

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    Awesome. You have a real talent for making things look pure and natural. You never overdo and you always build with taste.
    I don't mind the palmtrees personally.
    You're really an underated player in my opinion.
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    I agree, the simplicity is very appealing.

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    It's actually quite good, I can definitely appreciate what you're going for here, but it just doesn't resonate with me. Could be the colours. That green building is good but the colour is just incomprehensible to me... I'd try the drab red instead or if you want an odd colour maybe the turquoise you've used for the queue awnings.

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    Thank you all! I took Castles n Coasters as a reference which is quite palm tree heavy. Might give teal a shot for the building.

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    Castles n Coasters




    Looks intriguing so far. I'm moving to Arizona at the end of the year, so I'm curious to see how this compares!

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