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    comment below
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    the building looks incredible

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    thats a nice fucking buildino

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    not sure about the monorail, though. it just looks like monorail track

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    Ditch monorail. Perhaps replace tree w fountain or sculpture?

    Make sidewalks actually go somewhere

    Make staircase a little more grand.
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    Loving the scale. great centerpiece but a little square

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    probably the best archy from ̶y̶o̶u̶  kenneth yet. clean and impressive.

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    probably the best archy from you yet. clean and impressive.


    This is completely done by Kenneth! Not me ;)  

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    Good work, Kenneth!

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    Holy! Thats really good!

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    Kenneth is amazing. Who's dis Fred"D" guy...

    Seriously though, this is great work and "Kenneth" has already got me stoked for "your" project!
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    Good to hear Kenneth is back. 

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    He left already. He made this a year ago for our group park and haven't heard of him since.

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    Good to hear Kenneth was back. 

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    this is lovely.

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    i would put a gate instead of a monorail 

  • Description

    The Belgians are back with another group park! Can you guess what the overall theme of the park will be? It's not Belgium but it will sure be Belgian ;)

    All on this screen is done by Kenneth. All credits belong to him.

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