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    comment below
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    Holy shittttttttttt

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    Wow, I'm feeling this vibe. Maybe add some umberlla/seats to give it more life. =)

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    Holy fuck this is good. Maybe add more roof details, but otherwise it's amazing.

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    This is fantastic stuff Julow!

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    i love the coliseum!

  • Xeccah%s's Photo

    when you're actually inspired you're pretty damn good.

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    Please tell me it is using all four angles...please...cuz' this is seriously dope
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    Phenomenal screen Julow, tres belle! 

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    Looks fantastic. My only complaint is that the building with the domes is a bit plain. Especially the domes and their pedestals. 

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    Echo Sulakke on the domes, maybe make them different colors as well?
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    so french

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    Nice, original texture use. Excited to see more

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    Glad to see you're still working on this.

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    Colors are fantastic. Possibly your best screen

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    Your tables are glitching into the path, just a heads up.


    Looks very atmospheric so far.

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    Lovely screen man.

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    This is great. Really great.

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    Thank you guys for sweet comments ! More coming soon 

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