Screenshot / i've reached my final form....


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    comment below
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    this is ART-C-T

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    I love this and it's great but if you're mocking me then HOW DARE YOU!


    Also, this looks like the Roy Lichtenstein version of what I was doing with my follow-up to Swoon. Also, I legit have a teacups under monorail just like that....


    WAIT DID YOU DOWNLOAD IT WHEN I SHARED IT WITH UR? Because, if so, that's one more person than I thought did. What a day...

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    Beautiful, kiss me.
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    I love the way the supports make it look like she's dripping
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    hoooo cool :)

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    I'll forgive you if this project is only from one angle

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    Final form? You've become Ver-Co 2.0? 


    I like this sort of stuff but always wonder what you can do with it in an RCT-like context. Imagine a park full of stuff like this! Something like that European park thing from the expansions with all the flags.

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    It's Beautiful

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    Show bobs and vegana

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    Beautiful, kiss me.

    Don't ask me twice... ;)

    @everybody Thanks for the feedback ! I will send nudes of course.
    And FK I promess I didn't know about that ! Haha
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    Make it into a real life poster ! This is dope
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    it's exactly the face of Taylor Swift!

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    it's exactly the face of Taylor Swift!

    Finaly, someone who gets it !
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    this is ART-C-T


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    it's exactly the face of Taylor Swift!



    except for that giant schnoz but yeah

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    upvotes for 'schnoz'

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