Screenshot / The Great Australian Roller Coaster


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    comment below
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    i wish


    thats super awesome though. you are the master of new and unusual textures

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    This has a wonderful aesthetic. Looking forward to more.
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    fabulous rockwork!

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    hoo i like new rock, nice :)

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    Redo Mammoth

  • csw%s's Photo

    This is awesome! I'd maybe thicken up the bridge piers, but other than that, looks fantastic. 

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    Beautiful Julow.
    Mind your concept. It's there but you're close to running away with design love-making with those rocks. They're gorgeous of course. No one with your originality.
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    Yours is one of my favorite build styles.
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    I always wonder where you find those uncommon objects, looking cool.

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    In Julow's super secret uncommon objects database, duuh

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    He gets them all from the database at, obviously. Check it out!

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    Normally I am a fan of your work and the fact how you manage to make those aweful, aweful WW and TT objects work. And you do that here as well. Apart from those chimneys. I still hate those. Those rocks are pretty unique and great, but be careful you don't make it look all the same.

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    Seriously awesome. I tried something like this years ago with 1k ruin rocks looked terrible. You nailed it though

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    I think the "creativity" is all it has really going for it right now. Your object selection feels less like "this object fills something that X really needed" and more like "i wanna use X object". Nothing else feels really fleshed out though. Maybe this would be an excusable screenshot if the foliage were finished or the compostion in general was better, but as it is this is a dud. 

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    I've never been up north into NT or rural WA, but I think this landscaping is pretty damn accurate. Its a bit exaggerated, but in a way that would make a park look better for it

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    Thanks for the feedback guys !
    Really happy to see people like the object selection and feeling the canyon vibe I wanted to achieve.

    I agree with you Shogo, this is not meant to be seen as a finished screenshot, it was mostly uploaded to show an idea and to get feedback about that new aesthetic I'm trying.
    As most of the time with my screens, lots of things will be changed, mostly the roller coaster and the archy (really not happy with that right now) but I understand your point because you can't guess that and you can only judge what you have under your eyes. ^_^

    Glad that you thought about Mammoth Gamma, I'm having the same kind of fun and creativity feeling I had while building Mammoth. Hope I will reach the same amount of satisfaction though ! :)

    And to answer to some people, I found that rock object in an old park someone shared in the discord !

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