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    amazing colours

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    The colors are really nice albeit a little directionless. Some of the facades are okay, in the fact that they look pretty, but you had a lot of ways here that you could have better a) given the buildings contest and b) made the buildings mesh more in with the worldbuilding that Recurious in my opinion successfully did do.


    Among that, it's really messy; the paths don't work as a visual guide as they should. There's also a few (beyond the intentional ones) scaling issues.  

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    I think all of the buildings individually look great, some spectacular even, the issue for me is that a few of them seem out of place, making the theme a little unidentifiable. Far better than anything I've ever done, and this is certainly the kind of RCT that I'm really starting to fall in love with.
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    @Poke, @SimFox Thank you for your comments!
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    Looks very nice RWE. I loved the contrast in color between the greyscale area and these buildings and the graveyard details are fantastic. 

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    @Poke, @SimFox Thank you for your comments!

    I guess Shogo didn’t comment lol. Albeit he was a little harsh I do agree with much that he has to say. The buildings are nice but they don’t necessarily mesh with the other sections of the park. The scaling also needed a little work. The bottom floors are only 4 units while the tops is 5 and the bottom of the rest of the park is 5-6 aswell. Not a terribly hard fix for future work. Overall though this park was great. Surely would’ve kicked our ass.
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    @saxman Thank you!


    @Bubbsy Thank you, yeah i think you're right, it's probably not caused by us not knowing to do it better, many sections of this park were a bit rushed as people now, so we mostly focused on getting everything finished.

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