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    comment below
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    Looks great! Glad you're having fun building it, that's the most important part

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    very excited for this!

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    Wow! This is killer. Really bringing back a sense of nostalgia here - reminds me of the site's earlier NCSO parks by some of the late great parkmakers. Excited for this one.

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    looks wonderful...
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    No complaints.

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    I hope you are able to finish this project, because this one of the best NCSO park around here.

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    YES! So glad to see this back! Great you're having a blast with it, hope it can be finished. I love the area around the Screamin' Swing but I think the patches of the brown path make the area look way too dark, the combination of tarmac and crazy paving is nice enough.

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    Finally! A fresh take on a screamin swing! Looks amazing as usual man.
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    Your subtle use of track here is what makes this so special. I personally never thought to use track to thicken up my take on an NCSO screaming swing, and my god yours looks better. You're one of the guys I can see, with nin's overall ability and jonny's architectural skill, that'll take NCSO to a more respectable level up there with CSing. 85%.

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    I'm so excited to see this released. Awesome.

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    Shameless bump


    Wickline seriously needs to be done

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    Insanity's game lags horribly whenever in-game, which makes it impossible to build. If anyone can help, that'd be great for a bunch of reasons. ;)

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    ^ Yep, the very little time I'm able to build has been slowed even further because of my lag problem. it's been a big issue in the last few months. Like Fizzix said, if anyone can help, that would be dandy. 

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    Does it corrupt your shift functions?

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    Does it corrupt your shift functions?



    Are you my doctor? 

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    Are you my doctor? 



    I'm asking because i have had simliar problems before

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    i agree, this just has to be finished. you really achieved a sense of realism that i didn't think was reachable with NCSO!

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