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    A lot of gray on the ground, but really nice.Exciting project.

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    you really made the restaurant work, it looked pretty bad at the beginning, but if i were you i'd redo the station, the wooden pathing also makes it feel really heavy

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    Agree with Austin; I think that just having land instead of the grey would look better. It looks as if the entire boardwalk is on a peninsula-esque land formation so having land underneath the rides wouldn't be unrealistic.

    Nitpicking; the windseeker is a tad close to the restaurant, which looks great by the way.

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    Wow, that restaurant didn't look anything like that when I left the stream. So much for you not knowing what to do with the front of the building... that looks great!

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    I don't really like it. It's all so sterile and plain. Where is the fun?

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    nom nom nom


    So much grey, but what is in the middle of it all is wonderful. I would say finish this, then try something a little more compact and tied together, that way your skills will work better to develop some better atmosphere.

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    Looks great. The only thing I don't like is the drop tower as it looks to plain and grey imo.

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    @Austin: It's gray now, but it was worse before. There's not much more room for color, or at least sensible ways to include it, as it is now.


    @gdb: Woody station is unfinished, I'm going to redo it. The invisible station hack on it is also broken, so I'm going to have to fix that. 


    @stoksy: What kind of land would make sense though? Grass doesn't make sense here because of upkeep, and I'm using the gravel for wet sand already, so that could cause an identity crisis. Dirt is too unrefined. The red gravel would looks weird, I think. Yeah, the restaurant was smaller, and I kept lengthening it to make it look better, but that brought it too close to the Windseeker.


    @Coasterbill: I tried like 12 different things before I settled on this one, and I still don't think it's that great :(


    @faas: Everything will be peepable, and it will be a lot more fun with peeps involved. Also, what's not fun about the games and shaved ice stall? I thought the whole left side of the screen bubbled with fun.


    @FK: this section suffered from bad planning, which led to the spacing issues and whatnot. So much of this was built on the go, which drags it down a bit. I'm trying to plan a lot better for the rest of the park to really nail the boardwalk atmosphere. 


    @Recurious: Adding color there is a really good idea, I think. I'll check out what a few different ideas look like. 


    Thanks for the comments everyone! I'll hopefully have more to show next week or later this weekend. 

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    The whole area is gray. Except the roofs, of which half is white and the other half is black, essentially making more gray. Also give the guests somewhere to sit and some trees to get some shade. 

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    inthemanual, add planters like i said in the screen, just use the grass building blocks on top of the pathing, put some wood/bricks/metal around it and you've got yourself an oasis. put some flowers on top and you've just got a lot more colour

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    I had got a "no vegetation whatsoever" funk going on, from a couple people in my stream saying boardwalks wouldn't have planters, and me seeing some examples of that. I've found some counter examples though, and will try to "spruce" it up a bit.
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    it will look so much better, here's an example of the type of planter i meant




    for your park i'd make the surroundings of it another colour that will make it stand out more, you've already got enough grey.


    as for wet sand, i'd use brown roof texture on the dirt next to the water, it looks like actual sand that's wet from the water. and it's got the bonus of making beaches less boring

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    I love this.

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    I don't think it's that dull. Besides, peeps will really add to this.

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    Having so much cement under the woody seems odd to me. But otherwise it looks good.

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    Personally, I would use the light (beach) sand for the areas close to the water, which would allow for the wet sand to be used under the boardwalk.

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    the problem is though, the actual beach sand isn't really that good, and you can't make it look any more wet near the actual water than 3 tiles away from it, which makes it boring. for example look at robbie's design http://www.nedesigns...ark/1030/comet/ you'll notice that the way the wet sand works it looks really good, and there really isn't that much foliage that looks good on the yellow beach sand

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    To be fair, in that design the wet sand is used throughout the park (I haven't actually seen it in-game); and in this case given that it looks as if there are only a couple of tiles between the water and the boardwalk I don't think it'd be that much of an issue.

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    The beach sand is awesome.

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