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    This is nice. The cannons and cannon balls on the towers are perhaps a little too formulaic, but I really like the details here and there!

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    Totally did not think this was you. Nice job!

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    The towers with the cannons were honestly copies.. I just saved a roto drop with scenery and plugged them in!


    Thanks saxman!

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    hooo cool, i liked all :)
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    Cool stuff, dude!

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    I think the tops of the castle towers could use some sprucing up, for example walls around the top so it's not just a level roof meeting at a corner.. Maybe the battlements need a little more complicated form.  Other than that I really enjoy this.

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    Quite nice. Colour balance is a bit off sadly due to overfocus on realism. But you have some more finesse in this which is great to see.

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    @dr dirt: totally agree with you. Just hard to do enough detailing in 6 days! Also the park is too small to make a design or a bronze level entry so I didn’t default oo much! But thank you for the comment!

    @posix: thank you! Yeah I think I could’ve done more with colors if I had more time!
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    Funnily enough, I also planned on building a Ferrari/Italian Sports Car theme launched coaster in the near future. Doesn't seem to be needed anymore ;)

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    Wow this is great, just wish it wasnt so close to the edge - its squishing those buildings and stiff

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