Screenshot / Wildcat and Tin Lizzy's Highway


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    gee! I love these objects for chair lift (post), it is very cool and looks good.
    round detail on the tree good, I liked the track up I believe it be jalopy :D
    The building in beige was a charm.
    post with yellow lamp cool.
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    Really class looking midway. I think the trees standing by themselves look a little awkward, maybe small flower objects can fix that? Or possibly just some deco/sub-1/4-tile blocks to make the planters look more raised.

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    This screen should be just as a definition of dirty American realism! Definitely an improvement to your previous work in that genre, much more clean and smooth to look at, maybe a bit too clean and standard in the end for me. Maybe you could also change the trees up a bit to make it a bit more unique. Overall feels like a mixture between G_Force and Louis, while the archy definitely has Scoop vibes to it. Definitely looking forward where this goes.
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    Oh yeah, good piece of dirty american realism overhere. I really like the planters underneath the supports of the chairlift. The top right building is a bit simple and has a weird size if you'd ask me. The rest is awesome.

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    Someone create the tag 'dirty american realism' please, we need it.


    Great screen, feels like G Force but also feels very Scoop.


    Only thing that's driving me crazy it the fact, or at least the optical illusion that the chairlift supports aren't spaced out the same amount of tiles.

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    This is great Scooperino. You need someone to get that Musik Express running though!

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    I don't think it's dirty. Unless grey path = dirty

    Maybe the covered flat ride does, structure itself feels straight out of Conneaut.
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    Looks exactly like the hated multiplayer park and I love it.

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    I don't think it's dirty. Unless grey path = dirty
    Maybe the covered flat ride does, structure itself feels straight out of Conneaut.

    Russ all American realism is dirty American realism. You should know that by now. :p
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    Clean screen, lovely. Could be a G Force screen :p 

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    Very well done

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    Very classic.  Love the layering with the skyride.  Maaaaybe the cars could use a little less ground clutter, but that's a tiny thing in a fun mid-american scene.

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    What Cedar Fair Amusements park are you basing this off?

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    None Really pinball. I have an old project called Kings pointe that I took a few ideas from. That park is a culmination of the paramount cedar fair parks and the original cedar fair parks.
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    I think it could benefit from a little bit more color. Maybe another accent here and there. But this is great!


    Nice planters. Very simple, but very clean. Good job man!

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    I agree with Re:ctum, i would suggest a color pop on the chairlift supports. Check out Tahendo/CnC. Would look great!
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    This midway needs an Invert.

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