Screenshot / Marion Holiday Park - Great White and Carousel


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    I really like those entrance gates. That bus is iny though! 

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    Brown roofs? Damn Jappy, look what you have started!

    Seriously, this is really good. Amazing work.

    The grey building could use some colourful trims or something. The grey is a bit too much. Also the bus looks a little bit weird in my opinion. But yeah, rest is fantastic!

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    Now you mention it..... Literal Stoksy quote from Shimmeria Subway comments:


    Ah yes, the return of the classic textureless brown Jappy roofs. I will never understand why you do this haha.



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    Yeah, idk if I'm into the brown roofs, doesn't really make much sense to me realistically or visually, but hey guess I can't stop you.

    Anyways, looks great, as #always
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    Hey. Greetings.
     I like the pattern of the fence adjacent to the entrance gates. I would go a little bit with the colors for him.
     The bus is cool! Although if he was passing through the puddle, there would have been many curses.
     Modern carousel with accessories (wow). The quantity and arrangement, and the color of the tables stirs in me mixed feelings - ... will there be something to eat?
    I would go a little bit with the colors of the gray facade - it seems unfinished.
     Overall, I'm impressed.

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    This breaks away from the grid so naturally, and yet every detail is taken into careful consideration. Definitely some of the best thatched roofs I've seen yet.

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    I like the entrance, kinda reminds me of Tivoli Gardens somehow. I like the screen, the shape of the station is interesting but I think it needs more color. Bit too gray. Also the tables next to a big wooden wall... not cosy at all... 

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    i enjoy how much i conceptually do not understand this park/design but its still so realistic

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    Lol @brown roofs. Hey, mine are textured hahaha

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    This is so atmospheric and beautiful. I do agree with Fred about the tables. Not so cozy...

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    I loved this bus, stayed a charm
    everything is very good

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