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    Struggling to understand the first drop, I've tried something similar to RCT-ify a particular element but the extra diagonal portion just extends it too much for me.


    That being said, big fan of the return of Louis-layouts

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    keep the first drop, it's weird and ugly and  i like it.

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    I've used the launched lift hill into the barrel roll so many times thanks to this ride....

    Wouldn't you want that barrel roll to turn the other way, so the car makes a full 360 about the horizontal? It seems like it goes 180 one direction and then 180 in the reverse. I checked out an on-ride and it goes 360 IRL. Rest of the layout looks good to me.


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    Two screens in one day. How scandalous!
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    I like how this is clearly inspired, yet still your own ride. That shows a deep understanding of iconic elements and sequences, yet also demonstrates creativity in adjusting just enough of the layout to make it your own.

    I actually really like the idea of changing the first drop to be a swooping spiral downward like that, I think it'd be baller in real life. It's just..... RCT doing its thing ruining the exit transition. Not sure how to fix that. maybe bring the curve out wider through the loop... I don't know. I love the position of the cobra roll and loop. It's just getting the limited track piece selection to make something that works. Love the idea still though.

    But that's enough negativity. The cobra roll through the final brakes are just.... fantastic. So good. full of flow and fun that just works. Great job, you clearly have a knack for it. Thanks for sharing, I hope this becomes something more than just a bare track screen.
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    I appreciate the idea of a different drop, but not this drop.

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    Ew. I hated this ride. This looks pretty good, though...

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    Interesting... Can you show another angle?

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