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    I love the rock work and the buildings. The path along the rock face is a beautiful touch. The ground glitch through the track (bottom right) is a little hard to swollen though
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    Looks good!

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    whoa i love this style and how natural it looks. I really love how the coaster intersects with itself in the middle. 

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    Take screens in the normal resolution. It would look much better
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    yeah please "Take screens in the normal resolution. It would look much better"
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    Bump...Whats happened with this gdb? Looks brilliant.
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    Wow looks great! Dramatic landscape pulled off well, and the buildings look really good. I also feel like I can tell just from this small portion of the coaster that the layout is of high quality with good flow. Support work is really well done too.


    Don't really see anything that is missing or that I would change. Screen bumped from february - I hope you've made some progress so that this is not too far away from being released!

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    great, but I only wish it were possible to get a different texture on the buildings and the rocks. makes it look more plastic than it deserves


    oh its a bump lol

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