Screenshot / O Papagaio, coming soon!


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    The Split-S out of the MCBR looks like it would be a lot of fun
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    Great looking ride!  Seems like you made up your mind with colors, but I would love to see something that sticks out a little more.  But it's a great layout.  Realistically believably but something a little different from the standard B&M DM.  Pretty simple architecture, but nothing wrong with that.  I'll enjoy seeing this released.

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    Really good looking ride.
    I liked the layout and color of the roller coaster.
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    This looks really good overall. The green wouldn't have been my first choice, but that's also because of our bird's eye perspective with foliage in the background as opposed to a nicely contrasting blue sky. I think you pulled it off well enough! I agree that the area still needs some colour somehow, and I think I know what to do. You have one little bit of bright red, a little bit of bright yellow, and a bunch of bright blue parasols on the left. Promote those three colours from incidents to part of the overall scheme. Just two or three spots of each colour will suffice. I already see one easy opportunity in the pale purple roof in the top of the screen, that one is very random and out of place. Make it yellow.

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    I don't know why but I love this so much, very good job!

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    Thanks, everyone! For the color of the coaster, try to picture what it would be like waiting in line watching a bird pop in and out of the trees. You lose it at times until it appears against the blue sky as it flies over your head.

    Liampie, I'll definitely work with the roof colors! I think it's a good idea to have the pops of color matching better for sure.

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