Screenshot / penguins can live in tropical climates too


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    I've been seeing this on the r/rct subreddit and I'm impressed. Already you have a great gist of using custom scenery. It definitely needs some polish though, especially with the tree colors. That saturated dark brown almost never works for a lifelike tree trunk. Keep it up!

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    dude this is so great. Absolutely love how vibrant this is. I will say - i'm not a huge fan of the green for the coaster supports. It's a nice color scheme on its own, but I'd like to see a different accent color. Maybe a light yellow or a darker blue/purple. Not a big deal though.


    Pathing is really interesting, but works well.


    Great to have you here

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    composition really good, pretty picture. RCT wise i would use different foliage objects, its too unorganized for a park setting. Looks overgrown or random and the tall bush object isnt great. maybe do what in cities said and use another accent support color but its fine.


    Like the circle planter with the palms is great.

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    Glad to see you back, this is super fun. Curves work really well here.
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    Great atmosphere, even without peeps already. Love tropical vibe and colors.
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    Really nice atmosphere going there, I like the foliage and I think it helps adding a lot to the whole setting. Maybe just reconsider some trunk colors like Gustav mentioned.

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    This looks great. Has a fresh aesthetic that's very enjoyable. Grid breaking is on point too, in a good way.

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    Loving the little plaza with the palm trees. This has a very cool vibe.

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    whoa, what the snell

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    Sexy curved pathing there, I love it! Great color scheme as well

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    Thanks everyone!! Really glad to hear folks like it, and appreciate the comments on foliage and colors. Always learning :)

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