Screenshot / Apollon and ElCondor


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    Pretty cool screen. The Layouts are very nice! And it has this cool forrest atmosphere which i like very much. The archi is simple but still very nice. I espicially like the Station of Apollon ;)

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    It's impressive to see you're still going with this. I really like the tranquil path between the two coasters, is a nice touch.

  • ottersalad%s's Photo
    Looks good.. excited to see this finished! Maybe add some flowers here and there? The foliage is very green.. the path that cuts thru the middle of the screen looks a bit bare.
  • ][ntamin22%s's Photo
    Nice natural feeling landscape. I like the monorail interaction, even if that crossovert at the last bunnyhop into the brakes for the blue coaster feels a little forced.

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