Screenshot / Fantasy Valley Restart #1


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    I'm not big on the purple/orange combo on the building, but this is looking pretty cool so far.

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    Cool balconies for the hotel.  Pool looks tiny?

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    amen MCI, wear a mask! Purple is a bold choice. Would be cool to see the pool extended up against the coaster supports

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    Cool looking ride behind the waterfalls. Nice NCSO air conditioning. Odd color scheme? Not sure if you’d want a more cohesive scheme between the bold hotel and its roof colors next to the more neutral colored coaster (and pool area). Perhaps think more on a limited palette for the screen’s area as a whole. But love how the hotel is thematic with the castle texture and wooden fences I think. Also, agree with everyone about the pool. And maybe make it a bit more grand as it looks like a motel 6 pool at the moment. Would do things like increase the pool and it’s surroundings size, maybe add some planters or something in between the hotel walls and concrete surrounding the pool, more lounge chairs, more theming...
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    i like the hotel colors, if anything i would change the surroundings to make that scheme more cohesive

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    Great screen. About time MCI-NCSO gets another release.

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    Na sie mal einer an mci lebt noch gute arbeit
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    Cool balconies for the hotel

  • Description

    I scrapped most of this map after finishing SpreePark back in 2019. Recycled some ideas from 2-3 maps, I was more or less working on, into this one.

    That said, some of you might recognize some rides/buildings from older screens and streams, but this one is going to stay.
    Hate it and leave it, I'm back.

    (In the way that I'm silently going to finish this in the next 2-5 years, to get my 4th silver just in time with my uni-gradation)

    Stay safe, wear a fucking mask.

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