Screenshot / #FBF (Thursday Edition) - World's Fair


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    An underrated H2H park.  I was really impressed by the architecture and detail here.  Would've benefited from a non-H2H size map perhaps, but it was largely excellent.

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    Gigavolt - it is shocking; amazing. I really like the high gray arch - as an element of thorium that supplies a lot of emotions. The mood in the park is very high. Figures contribute to this. Colorful, on colorful pedestals. A small map, and a lot of sightseeing. Strong projects of attractions, Full of character, conciseness and motive - building harmony between all layers of work on the "perfect" grade. Is it art?

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    This park is 10x better than Bermuda lol
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    My favourite area of the park - the dinosaur skeleton is just brilliant. Regret my voting and comments at the time.

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    I always thought this park was incredible. I can understand why it got shit for being too dense/packed, but i personally dont mind it. You will always be one of my favourite builders.
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    WTF I really loved this screen :)
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    In hindsight we should have seen the Ghibli overcrowding challenge coming from parks like this - exceptional detail and worldbuilding that's just hard to make heads or tails of because of the footprint.

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    #FBF (Thursday Edition) is just a more difficult way of saying "Throwback Thursday"

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    Four years later. Feels like yesterday.


    Always loved this area of the park. Too bad we didn't have time to fix some of the bugs created by the various hacks. Makes me wonder what this park would like if it were built in OpenRCT2.


    Thank you for the memories Rob.

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    The amount of detail and dedication is insane.

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    I've always felt one of the coolest things about H2H is the way content is so densely packed on a map compared to larger scale projects that are given room to breathe. In my mind, most H2H parks with breathing room are just parks with missed opportunity or where the builders didn't have enough time. 


    This map was definitely the definition of a perfectly packed H2H park. 

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