Screenshot / Bayou Cayenne - Bottling Plant


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    really super cool sense of peep-level detail put into this, very easy to imagine the ground level POVs.  A little cluttered from up here in rct camera, I'm not sure if the roof needs all that diversity.  

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    +SotY shortlist please @Scoop


    Love this Rob. How the theme is told by the architecture, the vibrant colours, the flowing curvy lines, the clean details, and those extravagant tree objects.

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    Hot damn

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    I'm not sure I like this screen as much as the other seem to do (rating is >90% right now). 

    For me personally it is a bit too messy. There is no real focal point and everything blends in together. All the different roof types and styles, the fact that there are so many different path textures of which parts glitch, and the fact that the edges are unfinished don't help either. 

    I do love the seating area on the left and the spots of foliage you included. 

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    Delicious. Finally some good fucking food.

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    Love getting on here to a new Rob screen. 

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    Such a unique theme and aesthetic. Loving it.
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    Stop being so good at the game

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    This looks awesome as usual with your screens. So many great details. Only small thing I don't like are the lampposts on the window and maybe it's the angle but the building down-right seems a bit strange or unlogical. The top half and bottom half look like it would've been more logical to build further on top of eachother. 

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    This is great, if not a tad too dark for my liking. But having seen the rest of the park, I think it's nicely balanced. I do agree with Jene that the lights on the windows are an unnecessary touch.

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    Craving more Robbie screens like this, we need to see more progress soon!

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