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    this was is so great. there were so many fantastic builders this season, i'm glad that you made it through the entire competition

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    Quite exceptional. I love the use of flags on the underside of the map, to resemble the waving fabric of a dress.

    The two hearts at each end of the micro might be overkill though. The one at the top of the tower does not make quite as much sense as the big track heart. Wish you left it out, but I don't want to sound like it's ruining my day. It's hardly noticable. Just nit picking.
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    wonderful, great architecture :)
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    My favorite too. So warm and exciting
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    This was probably my favourite micro from the contest, outstanding work.

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    The navy blue/indigo bit in the middle with the arches is lovely.


    But my favorite part is definitely the open station and it's bottom level with the queue. So well thought out and planned!

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    A really neat part of this micro is that it was entirely self contained. It's it's own little surreal landscape floating in space, rather than a slice or something else.

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