Screenshot / Garden of Palaces Park | Entrance


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    Very good MTC! Only thing I don't like is the grey and brown rockwork. 

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    Really like the entrance. Good job!

    Not a fan of the path, isnt this also in baker lake? Its just an ugly object but you make it work for some reason.
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    Your buildings are really starting to take shape. The entrance looks great, and the spire behind it on main street looks fantastic. Love those two fountains out front as well.


    I'm not crazy about the umbrella thing you have for a center piece, and the rock work isn't really rock work. Maybe some variation in the rock objects like ruin rocks or the gibber version of the one you used would help.


    Your getting better and better MTC, and it seems like you build really quickly. A quality that I wish I shared.

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    Very nice. Your style is evolving.

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